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            Needed: A Paradigm Shift in How the Dive Industry Views Inland Diving
            Airworks - 7/30/2019 3:56 AM
            I recently corresponded with two well-known scuba diving professionals in the dive industry who were honest enough to admit that they are not thrilled about local (quarry and lake) diving. One made the following statement, which was echoed by the other: "I applaud local diving efforts, but I have dove in 55 degree water. It’s miserable and very difficult to train new open water divers, the lifeblood for dive shops." Many divers sympathize with those sentiments. The stereotypical descriptions of ...
            Summersville Lake - "The Little Bahamas of The East!" Summersville Lake - "The Little Bahamas of The East!"
            markallen53 - 2/12/2018 5:21 PM
            Summersville Lake in Summersville, West Virginia is WV #1 tourist attraction and is a premiere dive location. Summersville Lake is the cleanest, clearest freshwater lake east of the Mississippi River with summertime visibility ranging from 20-40 feet on average depending on rainfall. The lake June thru early September has a surface temp of approximately 80-84 degrees with a depth of 0-300+ feet. Sarge’s floats on the lake and is a full-service NAUI / ERDI / SDI / TDI dive facility. We offer scub...
            Do you want to change your life? Divemaster Internship Do you want to change your life? Divemaster Internship
            GooDiving - 2/09/2018 9:42 AM
            300 sunny days per year, between 19° and 25°Celsius Ocean temperature, between 20 and 30 meters of visibility all year round, the greatest biodiversity in Europe, more than 20,000 different species. All of this and much much more is the incredible Tenerife! 5 reasons why to choose us: - You will work in a youthful and friendly environment with no dive time limits (we love to be underwater!) safely following the NDL - We chose small groups to focus on the professionals we will build together. - W...
            Zero to Hero Divemaster Internships Zero to Hero Divemaster Internships
            Infinity2Diving - 2/08/2018 11:30 AM
            Infinity2Diving is the only five star PADI certified dive center in Tulum, Mexico. One of the most desired packages in the 60 day Divemaster course, suitable for people with basic or no experience. At the end of the Zero to Hero program, the intern receives the following certifications: PADI Open Water Course Emergency First Response Course PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Speciality Course PADI Advanced Open Water Course PADI 安徽福彩网app官方下载 Speciality PADI Divemaster course PADI Rescue Diver Course PA...
            Diving Thursday Miami
            pharo - 12/19/2017 7:38 PM
            Anyone want to do a dive this upcoming Thursday the 21st Wrecks 80ft max - just gas money and AOW Required...
            Beginner’s Guide to Diving in New Zealand Beginner’s Guide to Diving in New Zealand
            DivingVolcano - 5/22/2017 5:29 AM
            Do you love diving? It doesn’t matter whether it’s for fun and adventure or sport purposes. With this New Zealand guide, you will realise that this is the place to be. The place is a diving paradise! The numerous offshore islands, the easily accessed coastlines and marine reserves provide you with vast and diverse options to explore underwater. In New Zealand, you can dive drop offs and sub-tropical reefs in clean, clear waters. You can also swim in school fish, alongside dolphins and you can en...
            Who wants to dive this weekend?
            ZachStokes777 - 12/01/2016 6:38 PM
            I am looking to dive at rainbow river this weekend, possibly have the boat drop off at Devils elbow in rainbow river. Its roughly 24 feet deep in that spot, its very close to the actual park where you get on the boat. Spend most of the time diving in the hole/spring then doing a drift dive back to the ramp/park....
            Musings of a "Fun Diver"
            Airworks - 3/21/2016 6:56 PM
            Though I try to hit the coast for some ocean diving at least three times a year (and as often as possible when traveling), my diving focus is inland (Virginia). I’m the kind of diver that enjoys simply getting wet, and it really doesn’t matter where that is. Give me a mud hole with at least 3’ feet to get prone in where I can blow bubbles while experiencing weightlessness and the sensation of flying for awhile, and I’m game. During the winter months, I tend to be one of the few divers using a we...
            Dealing With Disappointment Dealing With Disappointment
            ArthurCurry - 7/20/2015 10:34 AM
            My wife and I had an opportunity this summer that we haven’t had in at least five years: we had time to ourselves without our 6-year old and 3-year old around. My wife’s dad and step-mom offered to take our boys off of our hands this summer for two weeks to give them a bit of a vacation and to give us a break from being parents and to spend some extra time with just each other. My wife, much to my pleasant surprise, decided to book us a hotel in the Outer Banks, NC. I had never been there before...
            Russian Two Hose Rig Russian Two Hose Rig
            SkyDogJack - 7/17/2015 8:11 AM
            In 1996 I was traveling for several months in Southeast Asia, and while visiting Vietnam, I had the opportunity to do some diving offshore in the city of Nha Thrang. I had been a diver for over ten years and I tried quite a few different rigs, bit imagine my surprise when gearing up for the dive off a dive boat, I was presented with a two hose rig. What? I’d never even seen one, except for maybe "Seahunt" with Loyd Bridges as a child on television. Well, my Vietnamase Divemaster, (not really sur...
            What I learned while not diving
            lerpy - 11/09/2014 6:14 PM
            I thought I would write something in the forum as I have not been on here for a rather long time due to a very busy dive season and various other things. I did not do much diving this season, but I did learn a lot. I had the fortune of getting a job as a deck hadn with a company that operates 5 dive boats in the St Lawrence and when I was not working at my real job I was out on the water. I was fortunate in that the other staff and owners were great, and I quickly went from loading gear to getti...
            Why I Dive
            TorbenLonne - 10/10/2014 7:15 AM
            Diving makes me feel alive. I feel absolutely liberated when I plunge into the welcoming sensation of the water surrounding me. I have no boundaries and feel utterly alive. The water being warm or cold, with my proper wetsuit on nothing can hold me back from my dive. The bonus is that you will be fortunate to see all of the amazing marine life when you start diving, ranging from everyday familiar fish to the gigantic manta ray. Diving is an activity that will definitely give all who try it one o...
            Okinawa Diver, certified 1981
            Pegasus161 - 8/04/2014 10:27 PM
            Ok, just signed up. Havent been diving in a long time. Living in Southern California. I certified in Okinawa Japan in 1981. Certified through Advanced Open Water. Atoll Divers International. My daughter and her boyfriend are signing up to take lessons. makes me want to take a refresher and try it again myself. Looking forward to the adventure. Anyone out there ever dive Okinawa? man I remember returning to California and taking in the beach dives. Big difference. About the closest thing to Oki w...
            Want a new start, Need to move on
            cowboydiving - 6/30/2014 3:52 PM
            I’m reaching out to all of you for help and ideas . I’ve lived in the central part of the states all my life. I’m looking to move closer to the ocean , I’ve been diving for 7 yrs and as you know there’s really not much for diving in South Dakota I know I want to live somewhere near the coast from TX to NC if anyone has any leads on jobs or good diving areas I would truly appreciate it Thank You Carl...
            Out of Air
            Agojo - 12/28/2013 8:18 AM
            August 2013 on a charter (Florida Panhandle) 3 dive trip with dives to 102-114’ with 32% EAN. Buddy & I taking pics, being first in and last out on first two dives. On third dive we extended SI due to depth and nitrogen loading. On the way down we meet the spear fisherman that went down with short SI. We toured the wreck and started up anchor line thinking we were the last divers in the water. At 84’ we paused while I secured and stowed my camera. It was at this time we noticed a lone diver (spe...
            Let’s go diving Let’s go diving
            scubadmike - 7/27/2013 3:34 PM
            Who likes going diving for FREE ?? PLANING A SHORE DIVE "PEPPER PARK " FT. PIERCE Florida 8/3/13 Saturday 9:00 Am .... 3 miles north of Ft.Pierce inlet on A -1-A ........... If you like to explore a 3 reef system grab your fins’ mask & tank & join us !!! scubadmike@gmail.com...
            Going diving today Going diving today
            scubadmike - 6/08/2013 4:56 AM
            Going diving today South Florida . 1 St drop Capt. Dan, 2 Nd a drift dive ..............
            Unidentified Fish
            Jun - 4/28/2013 10:03 PM
            We were building a few gas stations in an island in the Philippines and I have to check all of them every so often. The island is so rural it felt like stepping into the past. And it’s small enough to be circled in just three hours by motorcycle through a seaside highway. Though not so many, it has a steadily rising population. There are lesser people in the south part, and a long stretch of beach is un-peopled for most of the day. I usually stop by a bluff overlooking the sea, which has a view ...
            Death of Mike DeCamp - Pioneer of Northeast Wreck Diving Death of Mike DeCamp - Pioneer of Northeast Wreck Diving
            Scout - 4/14/2013 9:37 AM
            Michael Anderson deCamp, 85, of 417 S. Broad St, Edenton, NC, died Tuesday, April 9, 2013 in his 安徽福彩网app官方下载. His life was a clear path; no regrets, no guilt, no complications. He was a powerful force that will be missed. Mr. deCamp was born in New York City, NY, and was a son of the late Jesse Albert and Margaret Dodsworth deCamp. In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by his brothers, William Dodsworth deCamp and Laurent deCamp. A graduate of Choate Rosemary Hall in Wallingford, CT, and...
            KaneDive Underwater Photography KaneDive Underwater Photography
            KANEDIVE - 3/21/2013 10:29 AM
            KaneDive Underwater Photography Email: KaneDive@aol.com Web: http://kanedive.tumblr.com FB: http://www.facebook.com/kane.dive.98?ref=tn_tnmn The Path Less Traveled >>...